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For over 25 years, we have been building concrete plants to the highest standards. We offer a full range of equipment which save you time and effort in setting up and maintaining the concrete production facilities.

Static, mobile, and compact concrete plants, ReadyJet hardened concrete removal systems, aggregate heating solutions, concrete recycling, and fibre dosing systems are among the services we provide.



Bulldog Supermix 2.66


The new BULLDOG SUPERMIX 2.66 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant has been designed for quick and easy transportation and onsite installation, on limited foundations and includes many high-quality features as standard. It can be configured with a variety of options, to meet individual requirements.

Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

Static Concrete Plants

When productivity and performance are critical, we have a solution for you. With production outputs ranging from 30m³ to 300m³ per hour our static concrete batching plants are built for maximum capacity, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability in manufacturing all types of concretes.

Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

Mobile Concrete Plants

Our quick-erect, easy to transport mobile concrete batching plants have earned international reputation for their dependability and high quality. They are quickly becoming the first choice for many professional concrete producers with temporary sites across the world.

Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

Compact Concrete Plants

When time and space is at a premium our range of compact concrete batching plants will meet all your expectations. Compact plants are designed for quick and easy erection and simple transportation, without compromising the operational characteristics.

Bulldog - A240 Volumetric Concrete Plant


Bulldog offer a comprehensive range of Automated Fully Mobile Volumetric Plants that provide innovative solutions for on-site Concrete and Asphalt production. A240 and E-Series Plants can be easily transported and are fully autonomous units.


Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

Concrete mixers

The need for reliable, high-quality mixing equipment is essential for achieving the desired homogeneity and workability of modern concrete mixtures in the shortest time possible. We offer an extensive range of high-performance concrete mixers, manufactured by MEKA and Fejmert from Sweden.

Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

BIBKO Concrete recycling systems

Turn your concrete liabilities into assets with our range of concrete recycling equipment. Our team of engineers with many years of proven experience in the concrete production and concrete recycling industries will help you choose a turnkey, tailored solution to meet your individual requirements.

Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

Concrete Plant Cooling

Temperature-controlled concrete is required for large construction projects. As the cement dries and hardens, the evolution of strength in concrete is followed by the evolution of heat. Our large-scale cooling solutions ensure your concrete temperature is correct even year-round.

Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

Aggregate and Water Heating

Winter construction must be supplied with warm concrete and concrete plants must be working safely. Whether the heat of aggregates or the minimum heat of rooms, our air heaters offer you the opportunity to meet your requirements. In addition, our hot water boilers can supply heated water for mixing to improve concrete quality.

Ready Jet Concrete Removal System

Fibre dosing systems

Our range of fibre dosing systems will help you precisely weigh and introduce steel or polypropylene fibres into the mixing process to get strong concrete for lower costs. To ensure complete control over mixing quality and homogeneity, the weighing process can be integrated into the concrete plant’s automation system.

High pressure mixer washout system

High Pressure Mixer Washout Systems

This unique standalone high-pressure mixer washout system is capable of cleaning concrete mixers after the production cycles safely, quickly and cost effectively. The system is supplied as a single plug-and-play package and is designed for simple retrofitting to any make of concrete plants available on the market.

Concrete Mixer Moisture Probes

Concrete Mixer Moisture Probes

Concrete mixer moisture probes provide immediate feedback to the operator and allow for precise control over the water/cement ratio. Mixer moisture sensors can be installed in the floor of any type of concrete mixer. Mixer moisture probes are the best solution for precast manufacturers where target moisture for every batch is critical.

Aggregate Moisture Probe

Aggregate Moisture Measurement Probes

Variable moisture levels of sand, and aggregates, are the major cause of inconsistencies between concrete batches. Aggregate moisture probes provide immediate feedback on moisture levels of the material inside the bins and on conveyors. Accurate moisture detail is crucial for the readjustment of quantities, in the recipe, during production.

Admixture Weighing Systems

Admixture Weighing Systems

These unique multi-compartment additive weighing scales are designed specifically for the concrete production industry. They provide the highest accuracy in a compact standalone installation that is resistant to vibration. The system is easy to integrate and can be implemented in one day without any downtime.

Big Bag Filling Systems

Big Bag Filling Systems

We offer reliable, and fast, big bag filling systems for different kinds of bulk solids. Using our filling stations 4-handle big bag sacks, with a capacity of 600 to 1800 kg, can be filled precisely and effortlessly. A flexible, automated system can be adjusted to meet the requirements of each application.

readyjet: hardened concrete removal

Concrete removal systems


The READYJET is a patented, robotic, non-destructive, high-pressure cleaning system, which has been designed to quickly and efficiently remove hardened concrete build-up from inside concrete mixer drums, without the need for human intervention.

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